Sunday, April 01, 2007

Washington DC Benefit for Eric McDavid

Monday April 2, 2007 - Doors open at 7 PM

Sick Fix (local hc)
Danke (DC epic metal, first show in a while)
A Primitive and Savage Land (Fast, intense hardcore from MAINE)
The Well (kind of post punky, but exciting and radical)

in the Tavern at American University (1st floor of Mary Graydon Center)
Washington, DC

all ages show!
$6 to benefit Eric McDavid's support fund


Eric McDavid and two other codefendants now cooperating with authorities
were arrested on January 13, 2006, although they had not committed a
crime. The three are accused of "conspiring to damage or destroy by
explosive or fire" cell phone towers, power plants and US Forest Service
facilities. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.
The three allegedly fell into federal hands because of a paid informant
named "Anna," a very militant-sounding "activist" who was paid $75,000
plus expenses for her time "embedded" in the group. Her role was more than
observant, however, as she rented a house in California (with federal
money) where the group allegedly met to conspire and she paid for and
procured supposed "bomb-making materials."

Since the day of his arrest, Eric has been held in solitary confinement.
After more than a year of pretrial incarceration and the associated legal
costs, Eric McDavid is preparing to go to trial and needs to raise funds
to mount the best defense possible.

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