Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brian McCarvill

A longtime activist prisoner in Oregon, Brian McCarvill, would really appreciate any free magazine or zine subscriptions or sample issues people can offer. Brian is friends with Oregon political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers and he's a jailhouse lawyer. He loves correspondence and writing letters and articles for publications. His address is: Brian McCarvill, #11037976, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, Oregon 97310. Please consider sending him some mail if you can afford it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Just another common criminal. Why waste time on this dude? Assault, Kidnapping and a long history of drug use. I hear no apologies to the victims.

He claims he is an anarchist? LOL. A man of honor? No way. He acts as legal counsel inside the walls of prison and is a loser. Stirring up shit and wasting tax payers money.

He whines about how he is treated in prison as if he were entitled to some other form of treatment. Prison is called prison as it is a place to safeguard the rest of us from criminals, sociopaths and people who wish to live without threat.

Maybe some day when he gets out of prison he can get a degree in political science and truly earn an education. However this is unlikely as he will whine then also about people not knowing what they speak about.

There seems to be some confusion about people who want to support this vermin. If people are so concerned with crime, then put in some time with victims of crime and see it from the other side.

I am a victim of crime and have suffered headaches, terror, constant harrassment from my perpetrators from inside prison sending me death threats and pursuing other means to harass me. They are in prison and will be there for a lifetime which I am all the more grateful for.

Brian McCarvill and Jeff Luers are not heros or martyrs, but rather common criminal scum.

Jeff setting SUV's on fire. Wow that is mature. If he wanted attention he could have done some public speaking and shared in a non violent way. He can as all criminals assume that the insurance companies can pick up the tab we all have to pay for in premiums. He and Brian want to be radicals like the real ones in the 60's and 70's, but they actually stood for something. These two jackoffs stand for crimes and now due to their arrogant attitudes want to be considered radicals and people who are out to save the world. Total rubbish.

To read their posts is nauseating and sickening. If you support the actions of ELF and others like them, then you are sending the wrong message. Your actions are and will not be viewed as anything other than criminal and terrorist like. A group of smart people and this is all you can come up with? No wonder you end up in prison.

Brian is just a common criminal, a scumbag and a burden to society. Doing dope, kidnapping and then assaulting people is not the moves of a revolutionary and intelligent person. It rather fits the sociopaths creed of doing what they want, when they want, with no regard for others. Equals the actions of a sociopath. Brian lies by omission and rather enjoys preying on people who actually believe in his plight. Gag me with a spoon and make me puke.

Jeff Luers is an idiot. Just like the Greenpeacers who were started by a group of French aristocratic rich kids who sent their soldiers out to do their dirty work and hid behind immunity as they were from some of the richest families in the world. They actually had a purpose, but these two clowns are losers.

To waste time on them is just that. Let them rot in prison as this is where they belong.

Before you get your granola and hippy panties all in a twist, go work with victims like me, people who were brutalized and victimized and then tell me these two idiots are heros.

This kind of post makes me want to vomit.

Also by the way do not send them shit. Keep your money and give it to someone who really needs it. They mock people who send them stuff in prison. They love having little hippy girls wrapped around their fingers as them being heros. Girls you can do better.

Jeff Luers will recycle his way right back into prison as well as Brian McCarvill who both cannot take responsibility for their actions and are not accountable people.

Send the message to them that they are both losers. I am not going to waste my time engaging in pseudo intellectuals who want to sit and justify crimes against people and property.

If they both had balls like real men, then they would have dealt with things differently. But they are sorry excuses for being men.

Anonymous said...

yawn. if you have better things to do with your time you would stop leaving carefully orchestrated rants on the internet. sounds like someone just loves to cup their own farts and smell them.

i'll be sending brian my support, and happy birthday to jeff! thankfully this is the last one he has to spend in prison.

Anonymous said...

To the man up top, I dont know who you think you are, or who you are, but to my guess you are probably just some lawyer who did something wrong and my uncle pointed it out. You should rot in prision yourself. No man is perfect. And i bet you dont know anything about my uncle, and for you to say he is whining, i think your the one on here whining about being a victim of crim, terror and constant harrassment. Do your job and find out the truth and deffend that, isnt that the job of a lawyer? Obviously if people are sending you death threats from prison your not doing your job, because most men who go to prison for as long as my uncle did, or even a year figure out that they did wrong and dont hold a grudge on the person who put them behind bars. And who are you to know if they have appoligized to the victims, you dont know a damn thing, go find something else to whine about and dont leave stupid comments like this on the internet, it hurts peoples familys you jackass.

Anonymous said...

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