Monday, April 16, 2007

ELP Information Bulletin (16th April 2007)

ELP has learnt that last Tuesday, the 10th of April 2007, the FBI
raided the house of a well known American Earth First! activist based
in Detroit, MI.

The Earth First! activist told ELP "the 10 agents who searched my
house were looking for incendiary devices (or components or
reciepts), and were looking for computer files (they copied my hard
drives). Anyway, the pretext was the failed arson attempt 3+ years
ago at the Ice Mountain (nestle bottled water plant here in
Michigan). At that time, a grand jury subpeoned my then wife and
myself to give DNA and hand prints shortly after the incident. At the
time they said they found hair or something and a hand print on the
device. Obviously there was no match or the GJ would have indited one
or both of us. They took a bunch of campaign literature, some
tshirts, a couple of firecrackers and some other miscellaneous stuff."

The activist states their innocence and no charges have been bought
against this activist yet.

Althoygh ELP has decided not to name the activist at this moment in
time, we would like to state that this is not the first time this
particular activist has been targetted by the FBI. About 7 years ago
the activist was raided, arrested and charged with involvmenet in an
ELF tree spiking action which occured in Indiana, USA. On that
occassion the charges where eventually dropped due to a total lack of
evidence. At the time of that previous investigation ELP stated that
the activist was being targetted in an attempt to silence them away
from their vocal Earth First! campaigning. ELP suspects the same is
true with this latest raid as well.

If anyone would like to send an e-mail message of support to the
activist, please send your e-mail via clearly
marked "For the attention of the Michigan Earth First! activist".

If anyone else is raided or arrested in connection to their Earth
First! campaigning please let ELP know.

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