Sunday, February 28, 2010

The outrage of the police in Petrozavodsk, Russia

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It is an open secret that the newly created centers for counteraction of
extremism in Russia often become the tool of repression and work against
civil liberties and initiatives. Doing their work the "fighters against
extremism" don't despise to break the law brutally. In Petrozavodsk 3 young
people became the victims of the police outrage. They were being pressed
and tortured and now the case is being fabricated. Without any significant
evidence they are accused of vandalism made by a group of people by
previous concert, namely throwing the paint bombs and distributing the
leaflets, criticizing the established social and political order.

*The legal assistance and financial support is urgently needed!

* The group of support against the police brutality in Petrozavodsk


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You may also contribute money through ABC-Moscow, we will pass money to

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or you may write to us by e-mail to ask for other opportunities except a bank
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For any money transfers, please notice to us to abc-msk(at)riseup(dot)net so
that we will know that money is for Petrozhavodsk.

Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow



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