Monday, February 22, 2010

Fascist demo in Larissa smashed Feb. 21, 2010

A fascist demo in the city of Larissa in Greece was smashed by
antifascists. During clashes with the police which ensued 4 comrades have
been arrested. The Medical School of the city is under occupation
demanding the release of the antifascists.

On Sunday noon fascists of the Patriotic Club of Thessaly tried to hold a
racist demo against the new law which gives citizenship to hundreds of
thousands of second generation immigrants. According to the communique of
the occupied Medical School of the city, before the fascists even began to
gather, Visarionos square where their march was supposed to start was
occupied by antifascists. When the fascists finally arrived they were
attacked and beaten while the van with which they patrol the streets of
the city at night in vigilante immigrant hunt type of operations was
destroyed. After the fascists retreated the antifascist counter-demo was
attacked by riot police forces who pushed the radicals towards the central
square of the city (Post-Office square) with an intention to encircle
them. During the clashes 4 people have been arrested, while the rest took
refuge to the city's Medical School. The School remains under occupation
by people demanding the immediate release of the anti-fascists. The cops
have demanded a lift of the academic asylum, but the rector has refused to
grant it.

The developments come on the same day that two members of the Golden Dawn
neo-nazi party were arrested in Athens carrying a 9mm ZASTAVA gun and
propaganda material of their organisation. The police has raided their
houses and the headquarters of the neo-nazi party but has announced it
found no more incriminating evidence. The two men are held in custody.

On other news from Greece: last night police broke the academic asylum of
the Polytechnioupoli (NB not the down-town Polytechnic) in Zagrafou with
the permission of the rector Mr Moutzouris, after reported damages to the
premises during a party held by students. Delta-team motorised forces
stormed the building where the party was held, entering it mounted and
arrested 30 students who were later released with no charges pressed
against them. It is the first time the asylum is breached by rectorial
permission since 1995, and marks an explosive low point of
academic-student relations that could have serious consequences. In the
past years Mr Moutzouris has defended that the asylum principle and it
remains to be seen if yesterday's breach was a tactical move before
ministry pressures or a realignment of overall policy.

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