Monday, October 23, 2006

support imprisoned Israeli activist

On October 15th our friend Layla Tripoli entered
prisonto begin serving a 3 month sentence. We are
asking for your support during her imprisonment.

For details about mailing addresses for support letter
andways to make a financial donation please turn to
thelast paragraph of this letter. Layla has been
active in Palestine for a long period.

She has participated in many demonstrations andactions
against the occupation and the separationwall. Any one
who has seen Layla in Palestine was amazed by how
easily she makes new relationships. Layla breaks the
separation between Israelis and Palestinians with her
deeds as well as her words. For that reason she was
marked by the Israeli authorities as a threat. She has
been interrogated by the Israeli intelligence many
times and has been harassed by the police and military
repeatedly. Layla has been arrested several times
during actions in Palestine.

She was tried for three different charges, the most
severe one was assaulting a police officer. In
addition she was charged with 11 additional charges
that were later dropped. Although Layla was innocent,
the police officers and soldiers got their stories
straight making her look guilty. Consulting her
attorney Layla decided to make a deal with the
prosecution. She pleaded guilty and in exchange got
the minimal sentence and a drop of the eleven other

During the last years Layla have worked mostly in the
village of Budrus , a village that was a symbol for
resistance against the separation wall. She has
developed a special relationship with the Awad family
there. Together with the family Layla initiated a
project that combines ecological principles
togetherwith the struggle against the separation
between Israelis and Palestinians. The family gives
workshops in Bio-Falha, an agricultural method that
combines theprinciples of organic agriculture together
withtraditional Palestinian agriculture. Those
workshops brought many Israelis to the villages and
created connections between them and the occupied
Palestinians. The project in Budrus fights the
occupation in the most direct way – by annihilating
the separation between Israelis and Palestinians. We
are asking you to support Layla during her
imprisonment. Layla has asked all support letters to
go through the support group. You can also send
support letter by email to:

To transfer written letters, please contact the
support group. Since Layla is vegan she will have to
pay for most of her food during her imprisonment. For
financial donations to Layla's commissary in prison,
or for financial donations for the project in Budrus
please contact the support group.
For any other matters please contact:
supportlayla@gmail.comor or contact Lior at:

Her support group wants the following to be added to
the email if anyone forwards it:

If you plan to write Layla, please take in
consideration that all the letters will be read by the
authorities, so try to avoid writing about sensitive issues.

Pleas feel free to forward this email. Thank you for
your support.

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