Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Message from political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim to supporters

In a letter from former Black Panther and political prisoner, Anthony Bottom (Jalil Muntaqim) dated October 4, 2006, he writes:
"Thanks for your excellent letter to the Division of Parole in my behalf. It would be great if within the month you're able to get 10-20 other people to do the same thing. I remain confident that if people support this initiative the possibility stills exists to win a reversal of the parole denial. Again, Pataki will be out of office by December, and a decision in my case should be made in December. If the administrative appeal fails, I will have to file a petition in the court, and I would like to state in the petition that hundreds of letters was submitted to the Division of Parole protesting the parole denial."
So, if you haven't already, please write a letter in support of Jalil and in protest of the Division of Parole's denial of his release from prison. More information is available at
You can also write to Jalil:
Anthony (Jalil) Bottom,
Auburn Correctional Faculity,
PO Box 618 (77A4283),
135 State Street,
Auburn, NY 13024 USA

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