Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pleas in UW Horticulture Arson

Lacey Phillabaum and Jen Kolar plead guilty in Tacoma federal court to
several charges relating to the arson at UW Horticulture Center in 2001,
as well as other actions. The two have been cooperating, including the
wearing of recording devices, since last winter.

Kolar pleads guilty to 4 counts so far: attempted arson of Ray Gun
Club, conspiracy of UW, UW arson, UW 924(c). Cavel West transferred
to WA soon, Litchfield not prosecuted. Sentencing recommendation
60-84 months. No attempt at sealing up cooperation agreement which
included wearing recording device and future cooperation.

Phillabaum plead guilty in Tacoma, WA to arson, conspiracy and the
924(c) incendiary device charge. Her recommended sentence is 3-5
years. Justin Solandz' name was mentioned several times during the
factual statement of the plea, and the extent of her cooperation was
very expansive, including wearing wires and continuing to cooperate
with the feds post-incarceration. The transcript will be ordered and
disseminated as soon as possible.

Sentencing is set for 1/5/07 at this time but may be postponed.

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