Friday, August 31, 2012

Chilean anarchist bomber sentenced to six years of probation

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 Santiago Times

Attempted bomber acquitted of terrorist charges and spared jail.

Luciano Pitronello, a 23-year-old anarchist on trial for a bombing attempt last year, was sentenced to six years of probation by the Fourth Oral Criminal Tribunal in Santiago on Wednesday. Pitronello will serve the sentence under house arrest.
Luciano Pitronello smiles after hearing the court's verdict. Photo courtesy of La Tercera/Facebook
The case has been a source of particular controversy in Chile, especially after the court decided last week that Pitronello’s actions could not be constituted as terrorism.

Pitronello’s lawyer, Carlos Mora, spoke of his client’s satisfaction after the sentencing.

“He is very satisfied by the verdict because the only thing he was asking for was to not be labelled as a terrorist, because he isn’t one,” Mora told the press. “He knew he was to be convicted, and he risked effective punishments.”

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