Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leonard Peltier very ill/ Prayer/Calls needed/Circulate Plz...

As received from a reliable source:

Dear Sis

I just got word that Leonard is in really bad shape and bleeding
internally and needs medical help.

I have his prison number and the prison number and I did call and when I ask about Leonard they sent me to someone else who said they would
call me back........I think we all need to be on the prayers line for him and do all the calling we can to try to get help for him.......

#89637-132 Leonard Peltier

Pennsylvania Prison 570-523 1251 (Corrected phone number/area code)

Love Sis/Mom

(Recall Leonard's Parole hearing is this month and a vigil at Lewisburg,
PA on July 28th)

Peace, Kabespir

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