Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Occupy San Quentin - some photos and a message

Short slide show from Occupy San Quentin by Bill Hackwell


and this message from the wife of a death row prisoner:

I received an incredibly moving phone call this morning from my
husband who resides on the condemned row at San Quentin, Correll
Thomas. He told me he asked his tier officer about the crowd, and
was told, "oh it's about 50 people out there." "It was total over
kill with officers out there in riot gear, etc."

And then they started seeing the news and hearing that there were
over 700 people in attendance and hearing and seeing the crowd on
their televisions. They had been on lockdown all day with no program
as the prison prepared for the event. He said, it was so worth being
locked down for this event, and he so appreciated the work of all the
people and the organizations, and even the neighbors of SQ that were
interviewed that questioned exactly what was
going on behind prison walls today! This is the one time he didn't
mind being locked down! He asked me for addresses of the
organizations that participated to send written thank you letters!

Just wanted to let everyone know how much it meant to those on the
inside that everyone was there and for once they knew they were not forgotten!


Christine Thomas

Prisons are, and always have been, a failed social experiment.

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