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International Solidarity with Eat & Billy, members of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI / IRF (Indonesia)

325 No State

From Indonesia to Chile…

October 7th, 2011 - two anarchists are arrested and imprisoned in
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, after an explosive incendiary attack against an
empty branch of BRI ATM bank. The action is declared through a written
document which the police catch the anarchists in possession of. The
written declaration states that the action is in solidarity with Luciano
‘Tortuga’ (a young anarchist combatant in Chile, who was accidentally
maimed in a bomb attack against Santander bank), as well as many anarchist
prisoners, including those of ‘Caso Bombas’ in Chile and the Revolutionary
Organisations – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Revolutionary Struggle in
Greece. Situating themselves firmly within the global revolutionary war
for liberation and freedom, Eat & Billy also state that their action is a
direct attack against the terrorism of the Indonesian State and their
police and military. Their text which takes responsibility for the direct
action speaks of numerous places that are terrorised by paramilitaries
like in West Papua, which is known for massacres and injustice. Also
mentioned are the areas of Kulon Progo and Wera (Bima) where iron mines
threatens the lives of the people, animals and plants, in these places
people are arrested and disappeared for speaking out and organising

In vengeance, the Indonesian authorities want to increase the charges
against Eat and Billy from ‘property damage’ to ‘terrorism’, and would
like to apply newly made ‘anti-terrorist’ charges against the two comrades
for attracting international attention. This it would like to achieve by
charging them with the equivalent of ‘international terrorist links’,
which could increase their prison sentences considerably. As the agents of
‘justice’ arrange ‘anti-terrorist’ laws around them, trying to connive new
charges and premise for new investigations against the Indonesian
anarchist movement, the international police authorities want to make sure
the Indonesian State condemns Eat & Billy to long prison terms. This is
aimed to punish and intimidate the newly growing anarchist direct action
in South East Asia, and prevent the dynamic project of the Informal
Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front (FAI / IRF) from

This co-ordinated judicial intimidation must not be allowed to isolate and
bury Eat & Billy. The repression can be defeated by turning the prolonged
incarceration of any of our comrades into a painful memory for every
regime that seeks to dismantle and extinguish the new generation of
anarchists of praxis. Eat & Billy proudly took their responsibility for
the destructive attack against the BRI ATM bank. As they sit inside jail
waiting for their trial which comes in the near future, the blood-sucking
parasites who destroy the natural wild spaces for profit and enslave
continents are free to continue their murderous villainy.

This is a call for continued international solidarity with Eat and Billy,
in common struggle against the bankers, corporations, militarists and
nation-states. Let’s bear in mind the exploitation facing the people of
Indonesian in industries for foreign export – mines and sweatshop
factories for commercial products in fashion, information technology
products and Western tourism etc.

Eat & Billy have made their absolute refusal of the demands of power
despite long interrogations and stated their firm declaration of their
rebel individuality. Their courage and undying compassionate flame is part
of an increasing social inferno racing across the planet as a global
network of action and solidarity brings joy and rebellion into every place
where dignified people struggle for freedom and for the protection of the

Against the show-trials of Eat & Billy, which will take place on the
January 30 and February 1.



Freedom for Eat, Billy and Luciano too – Fire and Gunpowder for Bosses,
Bankers and the State.

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