Friday, February 17, 2012


From: "bayou"
Date: Tue, February 14, 2012

Imagine, if you would for a minute, living in a room the size of your
bathroom. Imagine spending most of your life, over 36 years, enclosed
in such a place: three walls and bars. Imagine the felling of constant
confinement, walls closing in on you, no means of escape, and the
continuous battle to suppress all thought of that. Imagine being there,
not because you are a criminal, a threat to society, but because you
devoted your life to the well-being of your people. Imagine having to
be cautious of every move you make, for eyes are forever on you,
waiting for you to slip. Imagine knowing that your keepers wish you
dead and have, in the past, tried to assassinate you. Imagine living
this life, imprisoned by a frame-up, a massive conspiracy by the
government of the United States of America. Imagine through all of
that, 36 years in prison, not backing down, not giving up, and standing
strong for the people. Imagine the life of Leonard Peltier.

Leonard is in prison for the people and Mother Earth and we need to be
out here for him. All people who say they support Leonard should write
letters to President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington, DC 20500 requesting that he grant Executive
Clemency to Leonard Peltier. It would take so little of your time to do

Arthur J. Miller, Northwest Regional Organizer, LPDOC.

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