Thursday, September 08, 2011

Spirit of Freedom UPDATE

ELP Information Bulletin (6th of September 2011) Dear friends ELP has some furthernews following the publishing of our September 2011 newsletter: The Anonymous AnimalRights prisoner from Sweden has given consent for more details to be published abouthimself. Viktor Padellaro is being held on remand facing seven charges relating toan alleged arson against a McDonalds and also for making threats to various peopleinvolved with the fur trade etc. Please send letters of support to

Viktor Padellaro (11/11 7-4)
Ullevigatan 11.
BOX 216401 23

Staying with Scandanavian news. ELP has learnt that five Danish men were arrestedin April 2011 accused of a variety of activity including attempted arsons againstsome fur stores. We don't have any names or addresses for the five, but if anyonehas any details about the five please contact ELP as soon as possible. For thosewho can read it, here is an article in Danish about the charges

Remaining with news about tracking prisoners down, friends of ELP have found TimDeChristopher's details on BOP. Tim is apparently in transit at the moment but wehope to circulate his details very soon. And now for some brilliant news. Tthe twoItalian prisoners, Mattia Petit and Federico Buono have been released from prisonpending their trial! And finally, long term American Ploughshares/eco-activistprisoner Helen Woodson is being released on the 9th of September! This is brilliantnews as Helen has spent nearly 27 years in prison and we send all of our best wishesto Helen and her impending freedom. +++++++ Earth Liberation Prisoners SupportNetworkBM Box 2407LondonWC1N 3XXEngland

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