Friday, September 23, 2011

Press Conference at 2:00 p.m. Today on FBI anti Muslim Training

Shurah Council of Greater Cleveland


The Greater Cleveland Shurah Council will join CAIR, other Muslim organizations and
Muslim leaders in a press conference to call for an investigation into FBI training
which teaches mainline Muslims are terrorists and other Islamophobic statements.

(CLEVELAND, OH, 9/21/11) –The Greater Cleveland Shurah Council will join
representatives from the Islamic Community, the Council on American Islamic
Relations, and the International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment to
call for an investigation into the extent of FBI training which targets mainline
Muslims as terrorists, calls the Prophet Muhammad a cult leader and attempts to
undermine the credibility of the Quran. “At the Bureau’s training ground in
Quantico, Virginia, agents are shown a chart contending that the more “devout” a
Muslim, the more likely he is to be “violent.” Those destructive tendencies cannot
be reversed, an FBI instructional presentation adds: “Any war against non-believers
is justified” under Muslim law; a “moderating process cannot happen if the Koran
continues to be regarded as the unalterable word of
Allah.” (WIRED Magazine) One cannot be a devout Muslim unless they believe in the
Quran as the unalterable word of Allah.
At no time, should an agency of the federal government engage in religious bigotry
and target a religion as a source of evil, attack the credibility of its scriptures
in an attempt to create hatred against a religion. This training in bigotry and
prejudice by a federal law enforcement agency feeds the climate of Islamophobia that
has led to murder, Quran burnings, mosque bombings and desecrations, demonstration,
harassment of Muslim owned businesses and Muslims in general. There is no excuse
for this training and it should not be tolerated. We are calling on all people who
believe in the principles this country to stand
with us and call for an investigation. If this type of training in bigotry is
allowed to continue-who will be targeted next?

WHAT: News Conference about Biased Training offered by Federal Law Enforcement

WHEN: Wednesday, September 21, 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Council on American-Islamic Relations Cleveland & Northern Ohio Chapter
2999 Payne Avenue, Suite 220, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 (Asia Plaza, 2nd Floor)

CONTACT: Amir Khalid A. Samad at (216) 673-9551, Imam Yusuf Ali at (216) 431-1992
Imam Mutawaf Shaheed at (216) 431-1992.

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