Friday, September 23, 2011

FBI Offers Informant Deal to Former Animal Rights Activist

From Voice of the Voiceless

A woman was arrested recently by state police on a non-activist charge and received
a jail visit – from the FBI. They promised a “deal” in which they could “make all
[the charges] go away” if she would work to provide them information about myself
other activists.

The woman has not been involved in any public campaigns in approximately 3 years.
Her arrest was not activist related, but the FBI took the opportunity to use her
imprisonment as leverage to induce cooperation. It is not clear what information
the FBI sought. They specifically asked about several activists by name, including
myself. The woman refused to talk with them and told them to speak her lawyer.

A little over a year ago I wrote about the increasing trend of police and FBI
attempting to exploit conflicts among activists to induce them to provide
information. One attempted questioning in Los Angeles was profiled in this article,
in which I wrote:

This recent visit is (at least) the fifth case in recent weeks of police and/or
the FBI interviewing or attempting to interview activists who have either dropped
out or been ostracized. The recent campaign appears to target those viewed as weak

Talking to law enforcement will always hurt you and others. The FBI only talks to
people for one reason: to put you or another activist in jail. Answering even
seemingly benign questions is extremely dangerous. Any information you provide them
will incriminate other activists or yourself. There is one rule: nobody talks,
everybody walks.

Educate yourself on why it is never ok to talk with the police or the FBI by
reading If An Agent Knocks.

- Peter Young

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