Monday, July 04, 2011

Seattle: Report From July 2 Noise Demo

July 3, 2011 Puget Sound Anarchists

On the night of July 2nd, in solidarity with the hunger strikers in
Pelican Bay State Prison, CA, a group of roughly 30-35 people equipped
with a mobile sound system met in front of the King County Juvenile
Detention Center in the Central District of Seattle.

The police response to this demo was large, most likely due to the recent
disturbances on Capitol Hill during the Pride weekend. Despite this, the
group proceeded to blast music, bang on pots and pans, and make speeches
through megaphones in front of the prison cells. At one point, every
occupant in the cells along the southern end of the Detention Center was
banging on the walls and windows of their cells, responding to the cheers
and words from outside.

Instead of the normal oppressive routine of lights-out, the prisoners were
able to spend the night acting wild, defying the terrified screws, and
listening to the words of rebellion and freedom being blasted from
outside. Once night had fallen, a large mortar firework was shot into the
air, the green round exploding in the air over the Detention Center.

The event lasted for an hour and there were no arrests.

Towards the destruction of all prisons!

Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers!

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