Tuesday, July 05, 2011


           Anarchist prisoner Eric D. Smith, who states that he was falsely
convicted of arson in 2001, claims that a friend had actually done it but
fingered him to evade prosecution, is being illegally held in
Disciplinary Segregation more than 4 months past his "out-date"
calculated to be on February 28, 2011; if factoring the earned Time-Cut
Program credits - would've made it last May 31st, 2010. See: Eric Smith
v. State of Indiana, Cause No. 49A04-0201-CR-31 (Ind. Ct. App. 2002)

IDOC Officials have confiscated his Certificates for the Time-Cuts
Program, altered his records, and are retaliating on him because they
know he is indigent and in Disciplinary Segregation, so is unable to work
a job; his release date from "Seg." was supposed to be - on May 3, 2009!

Eric and I consider this Petition meritorious (See: attachment) and can
gain him his release, so I urge everyone to read about Eric's case: "Each
One, Teach One" by Anthony Rayson. http://midwestbookstoprisoners.org
And, please read: Smith v. Indiana Department of Correction, No.
http://http://caselaw.findlaw.com/in-court-of-appeals/1309086.html And
also see:
Smith v. Wrigley, 908 NE 2d 354 (Ind. Ct. App. 2009).

Please consider signing and mail one of these Petitions in support,
directly to the Marion County Superior Court No. 1, in Indianapolis,
Indiana, on behalf of Eric, no later than Thursday, July 7th, next week,
to allow for mail slowdown over the weekends, and so that it reaches the
court in time for his July 15th, hearing to compel the judge and court to
order his release; sorry if the holiday put a crimp on getting this out
sooner - there were unavoidable details to get straight with him held up
via the mail last week.

I appreciate anyone's assistance, and people can also write Eric for a
more detailed explanation of his case and the current conditions of his
confinement at:

Eric D. Smith,
Wabash Valley Correctional facility,
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, IN. 47838

Mail a duplicate of signed copy to Eric if you are able and original to
the court to:

Marion County Superior Court,
Superior Court No. 1,
200 E Washington Street,
City - County Building, W-122,
Indianapolis, Indiana

(Please pass this on)

Twitch - Entropy,
Central Texas ABC,
Austin, Texas 78713

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