Monday, July 04, 2011

Despierta Boricua Radio Segment

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
ProLibertad: 718-601-4751

Despierta Boricua is a ten minute Radio segment produced for WBAI radio 99.5 FM by
The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign. Despierta Boricua airs on Sundays at 3pm on Radio
Libre and at 3:50pm on Con Sabor Latino (both shows alternate the time slot every

Despierta Boricua is dedicated to providing the New York City listening audience
with the latest news and updates on Puerto Rican politics and culture from U.S.
based Puerto Rican communities and the island of Puerto Rico.

Sunday July 3rd at 3pm on Radio Libre: This week's Segment will feature an interview
with artist/activit/educator Yasmin Hernandez, who will be talking with us about her
new mural in El Barrio, Soldaderas, and its unveiling in the Modesto Flores garden
in El Barrio. Radio Libre WBAI 99.5fm Despierta Boricua at 3pm

Check out our June Archive, which features an interview about Oscar Lopez Rivera's
new campaign; an interview about the arrest of our newest political prisoner
Norberto Gonzalez Claudio; and Ben Ramos reading ProLibertad presentation to the
United National Decolonization Committee on June 20th.

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