Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Call-in Day Mar 8 - Stop the Grand Jury Witch Hunt

Committee to Stop FBI Repression

to Fitzpatrick, Holder and Obama
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Grand Jury is still on its witch-hunt and the
FBI is still harassing activists. This must stop.
Please make these calls:
1. Call U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald at
312-353-5300. Then dial 0 (zero) for operator and
ask to leave a message with the Duty Clerk.
2. Call U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder 202-353-1555
3. Call President Obama at 202-456-1111

Suggested text: "My name is __________, I am from
_______(city), in ______(state). I am calling
_____ to demand he call off the Grand Jury and
stop FBI repression against the anti-war and
Palestine solidarity movements. I oppose U.S.
government political repression and support the
right to free speech and the right to assembly of
the 23 activists subpoenaed. We will not be
criminalized. Tell him to stop this McCarthy-type
witch hunt against international solidarity activists!"

If your call doesn't go through, try again later.

Update: 800 anti-war and international solidarity
activists participated in four regional
conferences, in Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; Chapel
Hill, NC and New York City to stop U.S. Attorney
Patrick Fitzgerald's Grand Jury repression.

Still, in the last few weeks, the FBI has
continued to call and harass anti-war organizers,
repressing free speech and the right to organize.
However, all of their intimidation tactics are
bringing a movement closer together to stop war and demand peace.

We demand:
-- Call Off the Grand Jury Witch-hunt Against
International Solidarity Activists!
-- Support Free Speech!
-- Support the Right to Organize!
-- Stop FBI Repression!
-- International Solidarity Is Not a Crime!
-- Stop the Criminalization of Arab and Muslim Communities!

Background: Fitzgerald ordered FBI raids on
anti-war and solidarity activists' homes and
subpoenaed fourteen activists in Chicago,
Minneapolis, and Michigan on September 24, 2010.
All 14 refused to speak before the Grand Jury in
October. Then, 9 more Palestine solidarity
activists, most Arab-Americans, were subpoenaed
to appear at the Grand Jury on January 25, 2011,
launching renewed protests. There are now 23 who
assert their right to not participate in Fitzgerald's witch-hunt.

The Grand Jury is a secret and closed
inquisition, with no judge, and no press. The
U.S. Attorney controls the entire proceedings and
hand picks the jurors, and the solidarity
activists are not allowed a lawyer. Even the date
when the Grand Jury ends is a secret.

So please make these calls to those in charge of
the repression aimed against anti-war leaders and
the growing Palestine solidarity movement.
Email us to let us know your results. Send to info@StopFBI.net

**Please sign and circulate our 2011 petition at

In Struggle,
Tom Burke,
for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression

FFI: Visit www.StopFBI.net or email info@StopFBI.net or call 612-379-3585.

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