Saturday, September 01, 2012

Grand Jury Dates and Demonstrations Postponed

Aug 30, 2012

Thanks to everyone who called in today. Hundreds of people flooded the
US attorney's office with calls. This afternoon the people subpoenaed
for tomorrow's grand jury hearing received word that their appearances
were being postponed till mid September.

As of now, the solidarity demonstrations in Portland, Oregon and
Seattle, Washington have been postponed until the next appearance dates.
We will update the website when we have more details about dates and times.

Again thanks to everyone who has been calling, attending or planning
solidarity demos, putting on benefits and donating money. Your
solidarity and support is much appreciated.

*"Solidarity is What the State Fears"*

Posted on August 28, 2012

A statement from Leah-Lynn Plante on her refusal to testify before the
grand jury

August 28, 2012

My name is Leah-Lynn Plante, and I am one of the people who has been
subpoenaed to a secret grand jury, meeting in Seattle on August 30.

This will be the second time I have appeared before the grand jury, and
the second time I have refused to testify. The first time was on August
2. I appeared, as ordered, and I identified myself. Then the US Attorney
asked if I would be willing to answer her questions. I said, No, and was
issued another subpoena, this time for the 30th.

A month later, my answer is still the same. No, I will not answer their
questions. I believe that these hearings are politically motivated. The
government wants to use them to collect information that it can use in a
campaign of repression. I refuse to have any part of it.

It is likely that the government will put me in jail for that refusal.

I hate the very idea of prison. But I know, if I am sent there, I will
not be alone. I can only speak for myself, but I have every faith that
the others subpoenaed to these hearings will likewise refuse. And I know
that hundreds of people have called the US Attorney demanding that they
end this tribunal. Hundreds of organizations, representing thousands of
people, signed onto a statement expressing solidarity with those of us
under attack and demanding an end to this sort of repression.

I know that those people will continue to support me, and the others
subpoenaed, and the targets of the investigation. That spirit of
solidarity is exactly what the state fears. It is the source of our
strength, yours and mine. And that strength shows itself in every act of


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