Friday, November 26, 2010

Brian McCarvill In The Hole – Letter Appeal

Brian McCarvill is a long time anarchist, prisoner rights activist and jail
house lawyer in Oregon, USA. He is serving an absurd 30+ year sentence, because
he refused to accept a five year plea deal before trial, related to a custody
battle and a violent altercation with the Child Services Department.

Brian recently wrote that he is in the hole and doesn't yet know how long he
will be held there. He says he was set up, will now loose his jail house lawyer
job and will suffer the consequences for a long time.

He has four charges. Extortion, false information, disobedience of an order and
being in an unauthorised area. Brian was working in the library which has an
inner office area where the manager and her clerk work. Brian asked the manager
if he could copy some documents and she replied yes. He went to the clerk who
runs the copier and asked him to make the copies. He refused. Brian asked him if
he could make the copies later and he replied that he would not make them at
all. This turned into an argument and the manager came in, told them to break it
up, and asked Brian to leave, which Brian did. A few minutes later Brian went
back to talk to the manager and found her standing at the copier talking very
closely with the clerk. Brian made a comment that, “I might file a report of
inappropriate relationship”. This comment is where the extortion and false
information charges come from.

Brian stepped into a back room (which resulted in the being in an unauthorised
area charge) to calm down and the manager came in asking what the problem was so
he explained what had happened. She said that the clerk had been out of line and
Brian left the documents with her to be copied. This all happened on October the
21st. On 3rd November Brian was taken to the hole. Because of the lapse of time
between the date of the incident and when the write up was issued and because of
Brian's continued work in the library during this time without any concern from
the manager Brian believes that the clerk complained to security and security
told the manager to write a misconduct report.

Brian now awaits his hearing. Please write letters to the Superintendent,
expressing your concern for Brian's treatment over this incident:

Superintendent Jeff Premo
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem OR 97310

Ask that he be found not guilty of these charges. Also ask that he be moved to a
first floor cell due to age, arthritis and the onset of emphysema. Ask that he
be allowed to return to his legal library job.

Brian can receive soft cover books and magazines. Please send letters of support to:

Brian McCarvill
OSP 2605 State St
Salem, OR 97310

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