Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lithuanian prisoner in Berlin

 Support Lithuanian prisoner in  Berlin, Laurynas Mogila

He was arrested last year in March for
attacking a police van and a police officer during a squatter's
demonstration in Berlin. In June he was sentenced to 15 months and will
be in prison until May 2010.

He would especially appreciate letters in Lithuanian, but also
understands English, Russian or German. You can also send magazines or
newspaper clippings. If you want to write make sure to use exactly the
address given below and if you want him to be able to reply you need to
send stamps - I assume they'd have to be German ones and I have no clue
how this can be done from outside Germany, but then maybe he can manage
to get some from some other people.

Also he'd like to have an anarchist calendar, posters or stickers to
decorate the grey walls of his prison cell. As far as I understand he
didn't get much during the past months.

Obviously all mail is read and so if you want to be sure it gets through
make sure it's in good handwriting or printed, otherwise it might not
get to him.

The address:

Laurynas Mogila
c/o JVA Moabit
Alt-Moabit 12a
10559 Berlin
Buch-Nr. 890/09-0

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