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Support Oso Blanco by Calling in and Writing on Friday January 15th!!

Byron Chubbuck, whose Indian name is Oso Blanco, is serving 80 years for expropriating money from banks and sending thousands of dollars to Chiapas, Mexico to help fund the Zapatistas and feed indigenous children. Because of his political background, he has been subject to horrendous treatment at U.S. Penitentiary Lewisburg which includes: beatings, waterboarding, mail tampering, false charges, and the forced cutting of his hair which is a great offense against a Native American! The torture must be stopped!

There is going to be a coordinated effort to call in on behalf of Byron Shane Chubbuck. Contact USP Lewisburg on FRIDAY JANUARY 15TH 2010 between the hours of 10am-12:00pm Eastern Standard time, (7am-9am Pacific) If you cannot make this time frame, you can still CALL at another time on the 15th, but make sure you do CALL. It is essential that we maintain a unified effort in letting the prison staff know that we oppose the abuse against Mr. Chubbuck.

*The number at USP Lewisburg is:*

*570-523-1251* (keep trying if no answer!) ask for the Mr. Ademai, the
manager of Z Unit.

Hello, I am calling out of concern for inmate Byron Shane Chubbuck, prisoner #07909051. I am aware that his mail is being tampered with, he has been denied medical treatment as well as religious rights, and has sustained both physical and psychological abuse by staff at your facility. I am requesting that steps be taken to correct this misconduct and hope to hear a response from you as soon as possible. Mr. Chubbuck will let us know if this continues. Thank you, (Name)

Send letters to:
Warden Bledsoe
USP Lewisburg
U.S. Penitentiary
2400 Robert F. Miller Drive

Dear Warden Bledsoe,

I have been informed that acts of abuse have been directed towards Byron Chubbuck #07909051. Mr. Chubbuck has been in various USPs and has never received the type of treatment he has been experiencing in Lewisburg.

It has been brought to my attention that he has received disciplinary action including loss of phone, visitation rights and access to commissary items. We find these excessive punishments for hanging a towel to dry or removing his jump suit to work out. He has also been falsely accused of throwing fecal matter at your staff, carrying a weapon, and assaulting a staff member (Lt. Galleta). Of utmost concern at this time, however, is the treatment Mr. Chubbuck received on November 7th, 2009. I am aware that officers shot nonlethal chemical pellets numerous times in to the occupied cell where Mr. Chubbuck and his cellmate, Mr. Andrade #16320-085, are housed. Mr. Chubbuck was removed from the cell and restrained by several staff members who subsequently poured scalding water on to his face. He was then stripped and placed in solitary. While this alone is disturbing, I am extremely appalled to hear that PA Potter cut Mr. Chubbuck’s hair. This is a sign of disrespect and a great insult to an enrolled Native American.

In addition, Mr. Chubbuck is experiencing the worst handling of his mail in over five years, at five other USPs. If these gross injustices against Mr. Chubbuck are found to be in retaliation for his political views, this would be a violation of his rights and BOP policy.

I am sending this letter in solidarity with the many across the nation. I demand a full investigation into Mr. Chubbuck’s treatment on November 7, 2009 and to see his assault charge from that day be dropped. I also ask that the June 24, 2009 fecal charges against him be reviewed and dropped.

I have sent copies of this letter to state representatives and will establish a written record of what is widely considered as abuse. I will be going through the proper channels within the BOP system to ensure that this incident does not go unnoticed. Mr. Chubbuck will not be cut off from his international supporters. He will not be forgotten!

I look forward to hearing from you.



Write Let Oso Blanco know that you supported him! It is absolutely essential that Oso Blanco knows how many people he has on the outside that will not allow him to be forgotten, even if it is a single letter.

# 07909051
PO BOX 1000


“Who said to stop calling in!? No one runs us! WE run us!” -Oso Blanco
December 2009

I am visible–see this Indian face–yet I am invisible. I both blind
them with my beak nose and am their blind spot. But I exist, we exist.
They’d like to think I have melted in the pot. But I haven’t. We
haven’t. -Gloria Anzaldua

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