Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan. 25th-Celebrate the Life of Luis Miranda

Celebrate the Life and Contributions of Compañero Luis Miranda,

Casa De Las Américas, Cuba & Our Solidarity with The Cuban 5!


310 WEST 43 STREET, MANHATTAN [between 8th and 9th Avenues)


Join us on Saturday, January 26, 2008 to celebrate the life and political contributions of Brother Luis Miranda, the long-time president of Casa de las Americas, a giant in the defense of all the causes of oppressed and exploited humanity, and in particular the defense of the Cuban Revolution, for over five decades in New York City. Honor the memory, venerate the cause, and emulate the example of this friend and comrade to all people who fight for their liberation. ¡Luis Miranda Presente!

CO-CHAIRS: Nancy Cabrero, Mariana Lamberti, Rosemari Mealy & Frank Velgara

Luis Miranda Rivas – A
Film Retrospective
Bread and Roses Gallery Photo Exhibition
Representative of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations
Rafael Cancel Miranda, Pro-Independence National Heroe, Puerto Rico
Andres Gomez, Antonio Maceo Brigade, Miami, Florida
Nancy Cabrero, President Casa de las Américas

Bonnie Massey, Venceremos Brigade

Carlos “Carlito” Rovira, ANSWER, Party for Socialism & Liberation

Zayid Mohammed, Poet, Black Panther Party

Roger Wareham, December 12th Movement

Elombe Brath, Patrice Lumumba Coalition

Radhames Morales, Fuerzas de la Revolución Dominicana
Lenny Weinglass, Attorney, Cuban 5 Case

Cultural Presentation: Pleneros de la 21
Celebration/Mixer to Follow

Committee to Celebrate the Life of Luis Miranda Rivas

Nieves Ayress, La Pena del Bronx, Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council, Reverend Luis Barrios, Iglesia San Romero de las Americas – UCC, Nancy Cabrero, Casa de las Americas, Leslie Cagan, United for Peace and Justice* William Camacaro, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle, Maura Deluca, Young Socialists, Stephen Durham, Freedom Socialist Party, Wellington Echegaray, Cuba Solidarity New York, WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign, Pedro Colón Almenas, Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner/ProLibertad, Franklin Flores, Casa de las Americas, Jane Franklin, Julie Fry, FIST, New York Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Pat Fry, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Panama Vicente Alba, Robert Gold, New York State Greens, Bob Guild, Venceremos Brigade, Teresa Gutierrez, Workers World Party, Larry Hamm, People’s Organization for Progress, Martin Koppel, Socialist Workers Party, Steve Kramer, Executive Vice President (Health Systems II), 1199East*, Ray Laforest, Haiti Support Network, Anne Lamb, Jericho NYC, Marianna Lamberti, family of Luis Miranda, Sandra Levinson, Center for Cuban Studies, Alex Majumber, International Action Center, Camilo Matos, Puerto Rican Nationalist Party-NY Junta, Luis Matos, World Organization for the Right of the People to Health Care, Inc., Jaime Mendieta, Cuba Solidarity New York, Casa de las Americas, Ignacio Meneses, US/Cuba Labor Exchange, Bob Miller, Cuba Solidarity New Jersey, Roger Wareham, December 12 Movement, Zayid Muhammed, Black Panther Party, José Velasquez, October 27 Committee, Pancho Cruz, Attorney/Activist, Radhames Morales, Fuerzas de la Revolución Dominicana, Ike Nahem, Cuba Solidarity New York, Sally O’Brien, WBAI “Cuba in Focus”, Ben Ramos, Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban Five, Merle Ratner, Brecht Forum, Rhadames Rivera, Vice President, 1199East, Carlos Rovira, ANSWER Coalition, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Christy Thornton, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), Ben Treuhaft, Send a Piana to Havana, Jarvis Tyner, Communist Party USA, Lourdes Vela, Colombian activist, Frank Velgara, ProLibertad, Socialist Front of Puerto Rico, Nalda Vigezzi, National Network on Cuba, Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Michael Tarif Warren, Leonard Weinglass, Paulette D’euteil, Red Dragon Collective/NYC Jericho, Emily Woo Yamasaki, Radical Women *Organization listed for identification

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