Sunday, September 23, 2007

Support Eric shirts now available!

Shirts to support Green Scare defendant Eric McDavid are now available in
four colors and four sizes. Choose from orange on dark brown, green on
dark brown, green on medium blue, or black on medium blue in small,
medium, large or extra large. You can find them locally in NYC at Moo
Shoes, 152 Allen St., and in Brooklyn at 123 Tompkins Ave. They are also
available via mailorder from the In Our Hearts network. Contact for ordering information.

Eric McDavid was arrested in Auburn, CA on January 13, 2006 as part of
the government’s ongoing Green Scare campaign. He now faces two
decades in prison. Eric has been held in solitary confinement at the
Sacramento County Main Jail since the day of his arrest. He was arrested
along with Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner, and all three were charged
with “conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives.” The
government’s case is based on the word of a single FBI informant who was
paid approximately $75,000 to fabricate a crime and implicate the trio.
Both of Eric’s co-defendants have since caved under the threat of being
imprisoned for 20 years and plead guilty to a lesser charge. In doing so,
they also agreed to testify against Eric and cooperate in every way
possible, including testifying in front of secret grand jury proceedings.
Eric has been repeatedly denied bail. He has only been allowed to leave
his cell for a few hours per week and receives very little contact with
the outside world. He needs your support now more than ever, as his trial
is currently underway (as of September 10th). Go to for more information about the case.

All proceeds from the sale of these shirts go to Sacramento Prisoner
Support. While his support team has secured the money needed to cover his
legal costs up to the time of the trial, he will likely be in need of
additional legal or commissary funds soon. Eric has remained on a vegan
diet since he has been in jail despite major difficulties in gaining
access to vegan meals. Commissary funds allow Eric to maintain vegan diet
throughout his imprisonment. Wearing the Support Eric shirt is also a
great way to raise awareness not only about Eric's case but about the
ongoing Green Scare campaign. Thanks for your support and tell your