Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Eco Prisoner Marie Mason Update, New Fed Raids

From: Jan. 6, 2009

We apologize for the lack of updates. The following months have been
hectic and our efforts have been focused inwards.

* Recently Federal agents raided Marie's mothers home. The search warrant
has since been sealed but it was seeking information on a number of
individuals and groups.

* Federal agents recently arrested Marie's son at at Clinton County Jail
following a 12/28 Christmas visit with his mother. He has since been
bailed out but is not allowed to leave Michigan.

Preliminary reports suggest the arrest was prompted based on info
confirmed FBI informant and professional liar Frank Ambrose provided.

This is the 4th raid/arrest Marie's family and/or Got Your Back has dealt
with in the past 3 months.

* Marie's dog animal companion of 14 years Joey recently passed away. Many
of us watched over Joey before Marie's arrest while she was out of town.
His spirit to explore and run free and his uncanny ability to escape out
of almost any enclosed back yard will be missed. His ashes were spread
over Marie's garden at her mothers house.

Marie is understandably distraught over these recent events. Please take
the time to write a letter of support. As letters serve as one of the few
rays of light while she is locked up. Marie's address and letter writing
guidelines can be found at

The state is seeking 20 years to life for Marie. This is unacceptable.If
you have not already please consider writing a a polite and respectful
character letter to the Judge for Marie. Details on how to do that and
where to send them can be found at
. Marie's sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 5 so the sooner the better!

In a recent letter Marie expressed appreciation for all the efforts on her
behalf. She thanks and loves you all.

Love N Rage,
Got Your Back Collective

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