Friday, October 14, 2011

Three lots of American news

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (14th October 2011)

Dear friends ELP three lots of American news for you today.

1) ELP has learnt that two people have been arrested in Sioux City, Iowa, America, accused of attempting to break into a fur farm. They were arrested on the 10th of October 2011 and have been named as Kellie Marshall, 29, and Victor Vandoren, 24, both men are from Texas. As yet ELP does not have any prison addresses for the two. If anyone knows either men or has contact addresses for them please contact ELP as soon as possible. 2) As some people may of heard, Walter Bond has been found guilty of two more ALF arsons and given an additional seven years imprisonment. This will run consecutively to his current five year jail term meaning he is now serving a 12 year sentence.

Send letters of support to:

Walter Bond #2011-03339
Davis County Jail
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84025-0130

3) Today ELP has launched a new prisoner support campaign for "Anonymous American". Anonymous American is a former Grand Jury Resister who ELP has previously supported when she refused to testify to a Grand Jury investigating a well known American activist. Anonymous American is a dedicated prisoner support activist who is recognised by ELP as having given vital support to some of our prisoners. Anonymous American is currently imprisoned for non-political reasons. However this didn't stop the FBI from visiting her to try and cut a deal to get her to inform on Animal & Earth Lib activists. She declined their offer and so remains in prison.

Anonymous American wishes to remain anonymous because her imprisonment is not for
political reasons. However ELP recognises that she is a good, kind, dedicated
activist and we wish to support her. Therefore please send messages of support to starting your message "Dear friend" and ELP will forward your
messages to one of her friends who has agreed to print the messages off and pass
them onto Anonymous American.

As we said, Anonymous American is a former eco-prisoner jailed for refusing to turn
against her friends. Now it is our turn to help her. Please send your messages of
support as a matter of urgency as she does need our support.

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407LondonWC1N 3XXEngland
Find us on Facebook by searching for Earth Liberation Prisoners.

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