Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swedish Eco-defence prisoner

Information Request Bulletin (23rd November 2008)

Dear friends

ELP recently learnt that last month a 20-year old Swedish man was arrested
and remanded accused of eco-sabotage activity.

The police claim, that at the time of his arrest, the 20-year old man from
Älmhult had in his possession a number of items including guides on how to
make incendiary devices.

ELP understands that the 20-year old was, last week, indicted as a suspect
in an eco-sabotage investigation and is accused of four acts of criminal
damage, which includes damaging a radio tower, sabotaging a construction
site and damaging a vehicle used in the timber industry. The man was also
investigated for an arson against a newly built villa, but no charges have
been bought against him in that investigation due to there being no evidence
against him what so ever.

At this moment in time ELP has no further information on this man. We do
not know him name, we do not know where he is being held, and we do not know
how to get any messages of support to him.

If you know anything about this case; if you know of any other suspects; if
you are friends with the 20-year old man and can help set up a support
campaign for him so people can write letters of support to him; please get
in contact with ELP as soon as possible. The 20-year old man has already
spent at least a month in prison without any international support. Lets
try and get some support to him before another month goes by!

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407

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