Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NYC Sat Nov 8th, New Afrikan Anarchism! A Benefit for Ojore Lutalo!

New Afrikan Anarchism, Yesterday and Tomorrow

To benefit the release fund of New Afrikan Anarchist Prisoner of War,
Ojore Lutalo!

Saturday November 8th

7:30pm at the Sixth Street Community Center
638 E 6th St, between Avenues B and C, in Manhattan
8-10$ Suggested Donation

with Kazembe Balagun, writer, activist, teacher, and biographer of
the late New Afrikan Anarchist freedom fighter Kuwasi Balagun


Refreshments will be served

This is event is brought to you by NYC Anarchist Black Cross and
friends and is part of the fundraising weekend for Ojore Lutalo
called for by the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.

Longtime New Afrikan Anarchist Prisoner of War, Ojore N. Lutalo, is
set to be released after 26 years of confinement in the New Jersey
State Prison, having completed the maximum amount of time the State
of New Jersey could hold him. While his exact release date is not
finalized, it will most likely be late November or December. Money is
needed to help Ojore secure housing, food and clothing. This
financial assistance will allow Ojore to make the transition more
smoothly, knowing that money and housing isn't an immediate pressing
matter and giving him the needed time to adjust to the outside world
he hasn't seen since 1982. The ABCF, anarchists and many PP/POW
activists who have maintained contact and supported Ojore over the
years have benefited immensely from the example that he has set as
what it means to be a revolutionary. His untiring advice and
criticism have helped many of us and our organizations grow
politically and deepen our commitment to the struggle to free
political prisoners and prisoners of war, as well as the broader
struggle of building of a revolutionary movement. It's our
revolutionary duty to ensure Ojore has all the support he needs when
hits the streets!
Frame Up! follows the story of Afro-Puerto Rican political activist
Martin Sostre who served time in Attica prison during the early
1960s. There, Sostre embraced doctrines as diverse as Black Islam,
Black Nationalism, Internationalism, and finally anarchism. Arrested
on July 14, 1967, at his Afro-Asian bookstore in Buffalo for sale and
possession of narcotics, riot, arson, and assault--charges later
proven to be fabricated and part and parcel of a COINTELPRO program
in full swing--he was convicted and sentenced to serve forty-one
years and thirty days. Sostre became a jailhouse lawyer and
regularly acted as legal counsel to other inmates, including winning
two landmark legal cases involving prisoner rights: Sostre v.
Rockefeller and Sostre v. Otis. According to Sostre, these decisions
constituted "a resounding defeat for the establishment which will now
find it exceedingly difficult to torture with impunity the
thousands of captive black (and white) political prisoners illegally
held in their concentration camps."

Ojore Lutalo is locked down in Trenton, New Jersey, for actions
carried out in the fight for Black Liberation. In Ojore's own words,
he is "serving a parole violation sentence (we received 14 to 17
years) stemming from a 1977 conviction for expropriating monies from
a capitalist state bank (in order to finance our activities) and
engaging the political police in a gun battle in December 1975 in
order to effect our departure from the bank, and to ensure success of
the military operation..."

Ojore was a comrade of the late Kuwasi Balagoon, a New Afrikan
anarchist P.O.W. "I've been involved in the struggle, the war against
the fascist state since 1970. I've been an anarchist since 1975
without any regrets. Prior to my involvement in the struggle, I was
just another apolitical lumpen (bandit) here in Amerika."

*Get Involved at the 1-2-3 Community Space!
123 Tompkins Ave btw Myrtle and Vernon, Bedstuy BK

Post Office Box 110034
Brooklyn, New York 11211


Free all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War!
For the Abolition of State Repression and Domination!

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