Tuesday, November 25, 2008

call for artwork by prisoners


Wisconsin Books to Prisoners would appreciate

donations of artwork about the conditions of

prisons and the daily drudgery and cruelties of

prison life. Artwork will be displayed the end

of January 2009 along with a powerful set of

posters created by printmakers from the

JUSTSEEDS Visual Resistance Artists

Cooperative in honor of the 10th anniversary of

Critical Resistance, a prison abolitionist


Please do not send anything that you want

returned or is not copyright free. Also, please

let us know how you wish to be (or not be)

identified. We welcome donations of critical

artwork year around and use this work for

public education.

Many thanks to those who make contributions.

Please send artwork to:

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners

Rainbow Bookstore

426 W. Gilman St.

Madison, WI 53703

Paul Wright, Editor

Prison Legal News

P.O. Box 2420

West Brattleboro, VT 05303


Seattle Office:

2400 NW 80th St. # 148

Seattle, WA 98117


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