Friday, July 22, 2011

Reminder- Call for Peltier Today!

FRIDAY- 7/22- Call for Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier!
10am-2pm Eastern (1pm-5pm Pacific)

(Info below abridged and adapted from alert launched into cyberspace
by Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee)

On June 27, the 66-year-old Leonard Peltier was thrown in "The Hole"
at USP-Lewisburg where he purportedly will stay for the next six
months. According to what is currently known, Leonard's cell was
searched that day. A guard allegedly was shocked by a wire(s) in the
cell. The guard claimed "assault." Leonard wasn't present during the
search, having already been removed to "The Hole".

Reference "Leonard Peltier #89637-132" being unfairly put in
(administrative) segregation or detention-- and for an unfairly long
amount of time.

Call USP Lewisburg at 570-523-1251 and ask for Warden Bledsoe

Dr. Thomas Kane, Acting Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)-

(202) 307-3250 (Director)

Or (202) 307-3198 (Switchboard)


This 2 Days of Mass Call-ins is being orchestrated by the Anarchist
Black Cross Federation and allies.

Call Thursday and Friday but don't stop! Keep calling and don't limit
yourself to calling!

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