Thursday, July 21, 2011

Loss of personal books -- Bro. Sidney (Shariyf) Williams

Bro. Sidney (Shariyf) Williams, TDCJ-CID# 50031, and National Chair of the (NPVM)
New Panther Vanguard Movement(Prison Chapter), was supposedly granted a parole on April 1, 2011, but somehow that
will translate to an actual May 2012 release date as TDCJ paroling rolls of the dice go.

But, he's had about 200 of his personal (books) confiscated, and has until about
September 7th, to gather the necessary funds for mailing postage on these books or
lose them; there are more apparently - but he'll need to cross that bridge after he
manages some way to mail this batch and get that out of the way first.

Money orders or checks can be sent to his trust fund account in Huntsville, but
you'll need to get one of Shariyf's "Trust Fund" slips from him, which he says he
has a number of them right now; or someone could apply funds electronically through
the wiring system; it just says that if you agree to their service
policy you pay whatever the current "fee" is - it doesn't say how much.

Once you have a trust fund slip it'll show you how to fill it out and where to send
it with M.O. or check, if that's your speed.

Any funds you all can advance to this effort will be appreciated and used fully to
send the books to his mother in Marshall, Texas ahead of his release.

At any event, his address is here:

59 Darrington Road,
Rosharon, Texas 77583


Central Texas ABC

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