Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keep Calling for California and Peltier

Call for the California Hunger Strikers and Leonard Peltier!

Open the Cages!

Call for the California Hunger Strikers!

Prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay State
Prison (California) kicked off waves of indefinite hunger strikes
that beginning on July 1, 2011 to protest the cruel, inhumane and
tortuous conditions of their imprisonment. At least 6,600 prisoners
across the state of CA have followed their example. After unanimously
rejecting an insulting offer by the CDCR, prisoners continue to strike
for meaningful changes in Security Housing Unit (SHU) conditions and

Support the hunger strikers by contacting the CDCR and urging them to
negotiate with the prisoners and honor their 5 demands!


Call from 9am-5pm Pacific Time:

Secretary Matthew Cate, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Phone: (916) 323-6001

CDCR Public Affairs Office: (916)445-4950

CA Governor Jerry Brown: (916) 445-2841

Sample Script for Phone Calls:

“Hi my name is _________ . I’m calling about the statewide prisoner
hunger strike that began at Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners &
their reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the rapidly
deteriorating medical conditions of the hunger strikers. I urge you
to make sure the CDCR negotiates with the prisoners and the outside
mediation team the prisoners have approved, immediately & in good
faith, before prisoners are force-fed or even die. Thank you.”

They will tell you that the strike is over. We are told that as of
7/22/11, Pelican Bay has stopped striking but three other facilities
are still going. Until we hear that all prisoners are accepting food
and that all promises are being kept, the strike is not over and the
outside pressure cannot let up. Keep calling but do not limit yourself
to calling. Lives are still on the line.


Call for Indigenous Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier!

(Info below abridged and adapted from alert launched into cyberspace
by Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee)

On June 27th, the 66-year-old Leonard Peltier was thrown in "The
Hole" at USP-Lewisburg where he purportedly will stay for the next
six months. According to what is currently known, Leonard's cell
was searched that day. A guard allegedly was shocked by a wire(s) in
the cell. The guard claimed "assault." Leonard wasn't present
during the search, having already been removed to "The Hole".

Call from 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Reference "Leonard Peltier
#89637-132" being unfairly put in (administrative) segregation or
detention-- and for an unfairly long amount of time.

Call USP Lewisburg at 570-523-1251 and ask for Warden Bledsoe

Dr. Thomas Kane, Acting Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)-

(202) 307-3250 (Director)

Or (202) 307-3198 (Secretary)

Keep calling but don't limit yourself to calling! Prisons can't
trample on captive movement warriors without getting a response from
the movements!

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