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June 11th Reportback

Dear friends and comrades!

On June 11th, 2011 events were held in approximately 30 cities across the
globe in solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and other long-term
anarchist prisoners. Hundreds of people participated in this international
event – and Marie and Eric have been receiving your words, your pictures,
your love and energy that were poured into making this day a celebration of
resistance and an expression of solidarity with our friends and loved ones
on the inside.

If you missed a June 11th event but still want to participate, it's not too
late! NYC has extended the deadline to purchase raffle tickets until July 11
th. For more information, visit

Below are just a few excerpts from report backs from around the world. We
are including everything that we heard about - inclusion on the list does
not imply an endorsement.

In *Detroit* they raised $560 and will split the sum between Eric and Marie.
About 35 people came out to Detroit's Cass Cafe and heard talks on the cases
and their political implications, plus a speaker who just finished 20 years
of hard time in federal prison, who described from his experience in the
system what daily life is like for Marie and Eric. The highlight of the
evening was when Marie telephoned one of the organizers and everyone shouted
hello into the phone. She wasn’t able to talk to anyone else, but everyone
was buoyed by the phone call and so was she

In *Bloomington*, folks tabled and distributed materials at both the
Farmers' Market and at Boxcar Books. They were able to reconnect with some
of the 'older generation' who knew Marie when she lived here and with a
number of people who had never encountered the cases before. Boxcar is now,
also, carrying lots of information on Marie, Eric, June 11th and Marie and
Eric shirts!

In *Austin*, (occupied Tonkawa territory), Treasure City Thrift and Deep
Green Austin hosted a letter-writing event at Spiderhouse, a popular outdoor
cafe. They report: “As we wrote our letters, we complained about the
hundred-degree heat, until we realized how dumb it is to complain about the
heat while writing Eric and Marie... who will probably not be sitting at an
outdoor cafe with their friends any time soon.”

In *Israel *there were two events - one in Tel Aviv and the other in
Jerusalem. They raised $160 which we will be split 50/50. In Tel Aviv they
cooked an asian style meal: Sushi, spring rolls, seaweed and glass noodles
salad with Tapioca and bananas in coconut milk for desert. In Jerusalem they
held an event in the Mahatma- the Jerusalem veggie bar – where they served
an Italian style dinner. Pizza, Gezpacho, green salad, Antipasti and
Tiramisu for desert. About 30 people attended each event.
During both events they sold zines, cd's, tshirts etc. After the meal in Tel
Aviv there was a drag show which is well known and much appreciated in the
radical scene in Israel. The show deals with animal rights, the environment,
human rights, militarism, queer politics etc- Its called "The mice and Leah
Goldberg horror picture show." In Jerusalem they screened a movie about
animal liberation. Before both shows there were talks about Marie and Eric
and about the situation in the US, green scare etc.
After both shows people wrote postcards to Marie and Eric and took pictures
of people holding a sign that reads "I support Marie Mason" and "I support
Eric McDavid".

In *Columbus*, OH, Redbird Prison Abolition staged a reading of Accidental
Death of an Anarchist and raised $54 for Amelia Nichol, which Insurgent
Theatre matched for a total donation of $108. The event generated insightful
discussion and laid the groundwork for building a stronger, more cohesive

In *Minneapolis, *they made $150 and had over 30 letters written. They
invented a nutritional yeast bacon cupcake (which is pretty much the ideal
brunch cupcake) and watched the Lorax. It was a moving time, and they had a
tele conference with Eric's partner that brought people to tears.

In *Sacramento*, there was a film screening of “Better This World” which was
attended by both of the filmmakers (who did Q&A afterwards). About 30 people
were in attendance. The event began with a talk about Eric and Marie, then a
former political prisoner spoke about his experiences before, during and
after prison. Over $100 was raised to be split between Eric and Marie. They
also debuted new “Stop Snitching” shirts designed by local artists, the
proceeds of which will go to Eric and Marie.

In *San Francisco*, they raised over $2200! The evening began with a line of
people out the door waiting to attend the soon-to-be Standing Room Only
event. Former political prisoner, Jake Conroy of the SHAC 7, spoke about
Marie and Eric's cases, his own experiences in prison, and the importance of
supporting those currently incarcerated. They then screened the new
award-winning documentary *If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation
Front*. The movie tells a powerful story that at times reflects Marie and
Eric's own experiences. The evening was capped off by an amazing vegan bake
sale, silent auction, and raffle which left attendees with full stomachs and
some amazing items.

Solidarity Actions

-Argentina: ATMS Burned in Solidarity with Marie Mason & Eric McDavid
and other Prisoners and Combatants!

-Peru: Arson of church in solidarity with comrades of the social war
Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

-Cambridge, UK: Bank action in solidarity with eco-anarchist prisoners

-Finland: Railways sabotaged in solidarity action

-Logging Equipment Sabotaged in Olympia

-ELF Russia – Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network
claim series of attacks in Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid &
Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

- Development Building & Bank Visited in Tacoma

-Seattle: SUV Attacked in Solidarity with Eco Anarchist Prisoners

-Banners in Greece

These stories are only a small sampling of what happened on June 11th. But
they are representative of the kind of creativity and energy that we would
like to see poured into prisoner support every day of the year. We want June
11th to be a starting point – not an end in itself. We hope that everyone
feels re-energized and re-committed to the work that they do, to their
communities, and to our friends, lovers and comrades who are being held
hostage by the state.

Thank you all...


June 11th Solidarity

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