Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jericho Amnesty Movement LA chapter seeks financial support for delegation to DC

The date is fast approaching for the founding meeting in Washington
DC of a National Confederation to Free Unjustly Incarcerated and
Political Prisoners. The Los Angeles chapter of the Jericho Amnesty
Movement is seeking financial support to help send a delegation from
our area to this important national gathering, which is seeking to
unite all forces involved in the struggle over political prisoners
and for justice in a principled united national formation with an
accountable work plan and timetable.

Comrade Laalaa of the Black Riders Liberation Party, a member of the
local Jericho Amnesty Movement chapter, is the national youth
coordinator of Jericho and it is vital to ensure her participation at
the National Confederation meeting. We would also like to send
another member of the BRLP, along with Lawrence Reyes of the Puerto
Rican Alliance, Guillermo Suarez of the Movimiento de Liberacion
Nacional Mexicano, and Michael Novick of Anti-Racist Action
(ARA-LA/PART) to the founding meeting in DC. But to do so, we
urgently need financial contributions (or possibly the donation of
frequent flyer to cover one or more tickets. Air fare is
approximately $400 per person round trip. Transportation and frugal
accommodations in the DC area for the 3 day gathering will be
provided by the hosts.

If you can help in any way with a donation toward this cause, please
get in touch ASAP via email, or call 310-890-7104. This conference is
an opportunity to bring significant national momentum to bear on the
cases of political prisoners here in CA, including Ruchell Magee,
Hugo Pinell and Romaine Chip Fitzgerald, some of the longest held
political prisoners in the world, Gerardo Hernandez of the Cuban 5,
Comrade Noor and General T.A.C.O. of the Black Riders (Noor was sent
back to state prison after resisting police abuse outside the trial
of killer cop Johannes Mehserle; T.A.C.O. is still forced to wear an
electronic GPS ankle monitor [21st Century slave shackle] off a
frame-up conviction). Numerous of the prisoners involved in the
hunger strikes at Pelican Bay, Corcoran, Tehachapi and other CA
prisons have been in communication (before and since) with LA Jericho
and its constituent groups, particularly the BRLP. Please help us
bring their message of unity, solidarity and struggle to the National
Confederation founding meeting in D.C. Aug 19-21 by making a generous
financial contribution today. We know that all grassroots peoples'
organizations are strapped for funds these days, but we believe this
significant initiative for justice and liberation merits your
support! Thanks in advance.

Michael Novick for Jericho Amnesty Movement to free all political
prisoners, LA chapter

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