Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hungerstrike News, Day Nineteen - Write to the Strike Leaders!

Write to the Strike Leaders! Prisoner
Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition

In addition to all
the other ways people can support the hunger
strike, it's important for us to write letters of
support to the strike leaders and everyone we
know locked up in prison, so they know thousands
of people outside prison support them and are
working with them to win their demands.

Write letters to:
* Todd Ashker C-58191
* Sitawa N. Jamaa / s.n. Dewberry C-35671
* Antonio Guillen P-81948
* Lewis Powell B-59864
* Paul Redd B-72683
* Alfred Sandoval D-61000
* Danny Troxell B-76578
* James Williamson D-34288
* Ronnie Yandell V-27927

PO Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532 Click
here to download a postcard you can print and
send to the hunger strike leaders and anyone you know locked up in prison

Recent Media Coverage

Here is a video of yesterday's demo showing the prisoner's demands.
* Hunger
strike: Prisoners' hunger strike in its third week
* By Jack Dolan, Los Angeles Times July 19, 2011
* A
matter of life and death
* by Dorsey Nunn, July 18, 2011 San Francisco Bay View
* Who
Are the Hunger Strikers? How Prisoners Land in Pelican Bay's SHU
* by Jean Casella and James Ridgeway, Solitary Watch July 18 2011

inmates on third week of hunger strike risk injury, death | 89.3 KPCC
* by Julie Small, KPCC July 18, 2011
* Update
on California Hunger Strike 07/18 by Prison Reform Movement
* Carol Leonard (Prison Reform Movement), Blog Talk Radio July 19 2011
* Who
is Organizing the California Prison Hunger Strike?
* by Nathan Schneider, Sojourners July 18, 2011
* Hunger
strikes in California prisons: the human cost of incarceration
* By Sue Thomas, International Observatory on
Stability & Conflict July 18 2011
* Hunger
Strike: California Prison Inmates Protest Cruel and Unusual Conditions
* by Kill Berkowitz, Buzzflash July 18, 2011
* Hunger
Strike Rally at CDCR Headquarters
* Written by California NewsCape, Imperial
Valley News Monday, 18 July 2011
* Prisoners
Strike against Torture in California Prisons
* By Marjorie Cohn, MWC News July 18 2011.
* Family
members, supporters push for Governor Brown to modify cruel prison policies
* Corey Moore, KPCC July 18, 2011
* Demonstrators
Gather To Support Inmate Hunger Strike - Sacramento News Story
* 3 KCRA Sacramento, July 18, 2011
* Banner
Drop in Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike
* July 18, 2011 Philadelphia Independent Media Center
* Pelican
Bay Hunger Strike update
* Rustbelt Radio, July 18 2011
* Prisoner
Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage
* Written by HurricaneDean, Jul 17, 2011
on the line at Pelican Bay
* by Karen Stewart, July 18
* Prisoners
Have Nothing to Gain By Eating
* By David Swanson OpEdNews July 18
* California
inmates on third week of hunger strike risk injury, death
* Julie Small, 89.3 KPCC July 18
* Pelican
Bay Hunger Strike Continues as Prisoners Reject Proposal
* By: Kevin Gosztola, Fire Dog Lake July 16, 2011
* Prisoner
Hunger Strike Enters Crisis Stage
* by Dean Walker, GroundReport July 17, 2011
* Pelican
Bay State Prison Hunger Strike: Response from the California Prison System
* A long audio interview with CDCR's
designated spindoctor Terry Thorton, July 14 2011
from yesterday's demo in Sacramento

Needless to say, a link to an article does not imply endorsement. Click
here for complete list of links to news articles since July 1.

Upcoming Events
(next 72 hours)

Tues, July 19th @ 8pm: Informational Update on
the Hunger Strike and Radical Folk Music Show
featuring Ryan Harvey. At Dry River Radical
Resource Center 740 N. Main Ave. Click
<>here for more info.

San Francisco
EVERY WEEKDAY at noon. California State Building,
Van Ness and McAllister, San Francisco.

Thursday July 21st: Weekly vigil from 5-7pm in
front of the Alameda County Courthouse 1225
Fallon St., near Lake Merritt bart station and downtown Oakland.

Santa Cruz
Tuesday, July 19 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm: discusssion
and film: "Police State Oppression: From Malcolm
X to Oscar Grant & the SHU" - Santa Cruz Barrios
Unidos, 1817 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz, CA

Rhode Island
Wed, July 20th: Fast/Rally (assuming the strikers
haven't had their demands met by then). organized
by DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality).
For more info, call: 401-351-6060

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