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Corcoran SHU - A Brief Update From the Front Lines of the Struggle

A Brief Update From the Front Lines of the Struggle:
Corcoran-SHU 4B 1L C-section Isolation Unit Hunger Strike

Date 7/3/11 0917 Hours

Greetings to all who support
freedom, justice, and equality, and oppose
torture. We are 3 days into the hunger strike
here in 4B 1L C-section (Corcoran SHU's version
of the short corridor), and I want to report that
our first brother has gone down. Last night
(7/2/11) at approximately 2255 hours (10:55 p.m.)
our beloved brother Kambui Nantambu Robinson, a
Type 1 Diabetic who's commitment, resolve, and
strength are an inspiration to us all, went into
severe diabetic shock (hypoglycemia [acute low
blood sugar]), after our efforts to render
assistant to enable him to overcome the
subsequent ketoacidosis which accompanied the
attack failed. We called "Man Down" and
ultimately got the tower's attention. We are
only 3 cells from one another so I was able to
observe the medical response directly (I am a
former U.S. Naval Hospital Corpsman attached to
Spec-war PAC-Fleet Command), which was panicky,
bumbling, and slow . . . far too slow. The
comrade did suffer a mild seizure, loss of
consciousness, and stopped breathing for a brief
period. The nurse administered what I believe
was glycogen and epinephrine. After our prompts
to staff, he was finally secured to the gurney
and transported via ambulance to the hospital,
where he was admitted and remains. This stalwart
new Afrikan soldier of the people is to be
honored, revered, and admired for his unwavering
stance in support of our collective basic human
rights and dignity. He remains with us in
spirit, as our love, spirit, and dedication to
purpose remain with him. We ask for your
prayers, your phone calls, and letters spread
the word on Facebook, twitter, and other social
media of our stance here, in Pelican Bay D
corridor, and across the CDC. Kambui's spirit
endures!! Uhuru Sasa!! Si se puede!!

Currently, here and 4B 1L C-section
the new Afrikan collective and southern Mexican
collective are in full participation, while our
white and northern Mexican brothers are lending
their moral support. On 7/1/11 they came around
on 3rd watch and checked ourselves to catalog
what food we had, if any. The following today
they'll start weighing us. There are some here
with serious medical conditions such as cancer
survivors and we anticipate we may well see more
hospitalizations, or death, as our collective
resolve to see this peaceful protest through to a
successful conclusion is adamant. We have
documented at least one instance of institutional
gang investigators attempting to foment racial
divisions here in the torture unit in an attempt
to derail or fracture the hunger strike for its
solidarity. It, and any other
counterintelligence assaults of its kind, will
fail. We again call on everyone who reads these
words to support the five point court demands of
this peaceful protest as outlined by the Pelican
Bay D corridor collective (see: Turning This
Tide, July Issue; California Prison Focus, July
Issue; or go to "
- Archvies - PBSP - SHU D-corridor Hunger
Strike"). Call or email your local TV station;
blog about it on the web; organize support at
your local church, mosque, temple, synagogue, or
community center; contact your Congressman,
Alderman., or local legislature; write and call
the governor. Oppose the continued use,
expansion and broadening of those psychological
torture units in your nation. Do not allow the
prison industrial complex in California
Correctional Peace Officers Association (guards
union) to continue using us as scape goats to
fleece you for billions of your tax dollars to
line their pockets, and deny our communities and
children greater prosperity and a future brighter
tomorrows. Join us in opposing conditions so
psychologically torturous that they would compel
men to embrace self immolation even death as
a viable tool of struggle to alter that
existence. Dare with us; dare to struggle, dare
to win . . . Our love and solidarity to all those
who champion freedom, justice, and equality, and fear only failure.

Heshima Denhayn

For more information on this N.C.T.T. - Corcoran
SHU, or the CAL-SHU Hunger Strike Contact:

Zaharibu Dorrough D-83611 Heshima
Denham J-38283 Kambuit Robinson C-82830
#53 CSP-COR-SHU 4B 1L #46 CSP-COR-SHU 4B 1L #49
PO Box
3481 PO
Box 3481 PO Box 3481
CA 93212 Corcoran,
CA 93212 Corcoran, CA 93212

Update: 7/3/11 1845 Hours

There has been an unfortunate
development here, and though we knew the
probability of this occurring was high, we didn't
know it would come this sudden. At approximately
1845 hrs. (6:45 pm) for picking up trash and
trays from our white and northern Mexican
brothers, one of the CEOs here began to call our
staunch a beloved brother Haribu Mugabi Soriono's
name repeatedly. He did not respond. She
notified the tower "Soriono's unresponsive,
called EMT and notify the watch commander." Then
the alarm was triggered. Multiple custody and
medical staff responded, but because Haribu was
unconscious he could not comply with their
directions to come to the door and cuff-up. A
tactile team was assembled and they entered his
cell. As they were putting him in mechanical
restraints he regained consciousness briefly, and
quickly lost it again. EMTs arrived, he was
secured to the gurney and rushed by ambulance to
A.C.H. (Hosptial) where he remains. Comrade
Haribu is a 57-year-old veteran prisoner and
human rights activist who just waged and won a
protracted battle with cancer (Leukemia) and
suffers from multiple chronic medical conditions,
yet he started fasting two days before the hunger
strike started, in solidarity with our Afrikan
brothers and sisters in the Horn of Afrika
suffering famine and death with no food or water
because of a 2-year drought. A beloved brother
went five days without eating, knowing his body
was already severely damaged to uphold our
collective pursuit of basic human rights and
dignity. This brother brave death to free us all
from torture without end, and to make you all
aware that it's being carried out right here in
the borders of your nation; not halfway around
the world in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, or some
CIA blacksite - No - Right Here in Pelican Bay,
Corcoran, and Tehachapi SHUs; human
experimentation torture units are being ran and
expanded. Haribu is an inspiration to us all, a
hero of the people, and his undaunted fighting
spirit abides with us all. Pray for our beloved
brother and comrade pray for us all.

Update: 7/5/11 1520 Hours
We were again weighed today and her
vitals taken an average of 8 to 20 pounds has
been lost by those participating (I've personally
gone from 208 to 188 in 5 days). The Associate
Warden and Captain held a sit down with
representatives of the population noting the
hunger strike has been taken up SHU wide and on
the Main line (3B Yard as well). Our Brother
Zaharibu Dorrough and representatives from the
southern Mexican, white, and northern Mexican
collectives expressed our collective concerns as
outlined in the Pelican Bay collectives five
point court demands and our local 602. It
appeared to be more of a feeling out session and
nothing of substance will be addressed until
after a meeting to be held in Sacramento Friday,
July 8 at 1300 hrs. (1:00 pm). It is our hope
that reason, principal, and humanity prevail as a
result continues unwavering. Stand with
us. Until we win or don't lose, we remain firm.


J. Heshima Denham


Corcoran SHU

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