Thursday, July 07, 2011

Anarchist Prisoner Brian McCarvill

Dear former Oregon State Prisoners and friends of Anarchist Oregon Prisoner Brian McCarvill, who has a letter requesting support he wanted me to share with the
Anarchist and Prison-Support Communities.

Brian had a very steady and reliable Law Library Clerk job he was good at
and enjoyed by assisting others pursuing appeals or complaints etc. But, ran afoul of the Law Library Officer/Manager last year because of a disagreement with another prisoner clerk who wouldn't make copies the Officer allowed Brian to have made. He hastily spoke in anger by saying that the Library Officer and clerk were acting inappropriately by her discussing the altercation with the prisoner copy clerk in whispered hushed tones out of his earshot, that then got him a case and lost him that job; and soured any immediate future jobs.

So, that's where he's at, and isn't one to normally beg, so please read the letter
and do what you can to help him out.

Two July, 2011

Brian McCarvill, 11037967, (2A13B)
Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI),
777 Stanton Blvd.,
Ontario, Oregon 97914

Fellow Travelers:

This is an urgent plea for monetary assistance.
Five, Ten, Fifteen dollars, anything that can be spared.
I have fallen on dark days in the prison system. Over my
last 16 years of incarceration it has been rare that
I have ever asked for monetary assistance. I have lost
my prison "employment" as a legal assistant as of October
2010. I have been denied prison "employment"
since then and am now completely destitute. I cannot
now purchase even the smallest of necessities such as
envelopes and hygiene products. It is with a heavy
heart that I ask for monies that could otherwise be used
elsewhere in the struggle against leviathan.

I am also interested in hearing from you, write me care of the above address.

Money can be placed on my prison account by going
to: ( or 1-800-966-8755; use my name and number above.

Persons interested in using ODOC's e-mail format, there's a 24-hour turnaround he
thinks for messages, and you can get details at: ( Use the same info as above. Brian believes there is an $8.00 set up fee with about $1.50 annual maintenance; but check that detail too.

That's all he's got for the moment, hope y'all can help him out.

Twitch - Entropy,
Central Texas ABC

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